Exclusive Interview With Raine Maida, Moon vs Sun

Husband and wife, Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk have put their successful solo careers on hold to unite creatively through, Moon vs Sun. Coming from very different musical backgrounds, the two join together for the first time to create something ‘otherworldly’ according to Raine.  During an exclusive interview with Raina Maida, we asked him about his latest project with wife Chantal Kreviazuk and what to expect during their performance in the New Year.
Q: The tour is called Moon vs Sun. How did you come up with that name?
A: There’s a song from one of my favourite artists, Sage Francis. He’s one of the most talented word-smiths I’ve ever come across and he has a really amazing song, Moon vs Sun. There’s also something in terms of the way Chantal and I are. We don’t come at music the same way, and if someone is having a bad day the other one holds them up. It’s not always vs but it’s a really great energy between the two of us, both musically and in our relationship.
Q: What has it been like partnering musically with your wife, Chantal?
A: We started writing songs together about a year ago and it’s been a really slow process, kind of on purpose. We have four songs together right now that are some of my favourite pieces of work musically and lyrically that I’ve ever done.
It’s a whole different creative journey, and to be able to go and perform those with Chantal is pretty special. The whole impetus of Moon vs Sun is that we’re at this point in our lives where we’re able to be brave and say whatever we want to – there’s a certain level of comfort in our relationship and it’s almost cathartic for us. It’s one of those things that I never in a million years would have wanted or expected, but now the way that it has evolved, because it’s so pure, I get excited to go on stage.
Q: What can patrons expect to see during your performance at The Centre in 2016?
A: The performance and line-up is growing organically and we are finding our way really quickly and it’s very inspiring. So far we have been doing a lot of our new Moon vs Sun material. We have also been performing some of our older fan favourites; I will do a few OLP songs in more unique arrangements and Chantal does the same with some of her hits.
I was apprehensive at first to see how the songs and how Chantal and I would blend our music together but it really works. We’re trying to break away from labels and genres as we work together on Moon vs Sun. We’re blending both of our backgrounds and styles together to create something beautiful. By the time we get to February the performance is going to be incredible. It is one of the most intense musical experiences I have ever had.
Q: What does it mean to you to be a Canadian musician?
A: We’re such a diverse country, I grew up in Toronto and it’s such an incredibly diverse city. Understanding the cultures helps you forge how you understand people and understand the world. Obviously lyrics are very important to me and experiencing the diversity in Canada has somehow made its way into the story-telling that I do.
Some of my favourite artists are Canadian; Bruce Cockburn and Neil Young to name a few, there’s so much great Canadian talent that if you didn’t want to you wouldn’t have to leave the country to get great music. Our music industry is so rich and so diverse and it’s an honour to be a Canadian musician.
Join Raine and Chantal on their musical journey together at The Centre on February 10. Get your tickets today.

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