All staff members can be reached at 519 578 5660 or via email by placing their first name initial and last name in front of (i.e.

The Centre In The Square has over 400 full-time and part-time employees.

Finance, Administration and Box Office
Serena ST. LOUIS, Administration & Operations Assistant, ext. 5315
Sylvia COOK, Controller, ext. 5233
Deb DAUB, Director of Finance, ext. 5137
Alex FORSYTH, Box Office Staff
Kim PERNA, Box Office Staff
Margie HOGG, External Ticket Services Manager, ext. 5236
Lisa WILLIAMS, Internal Ticket Services Manager, ext. 5242

Production, Technical Services and Maintenance
Rob SONODA, General Manager, ext. 5268
Rachel DUNLOP, Manager of Production & Building Operations, ext. 5211
Joe HENNING, Associate Director of Operations, ext. 5312
Greg HENDERSON, Director of Programming, ext. 5215
Adam QUALTER, Crew Chief/Head of Props ext. 5210
Bob LUFFMAN, Head Sound Engineer, ext. 5235
Jim CONSTABLE, Head Carpenter, ext. 5232
Michael MACLEAN, Head of Stage Electrics, ext. 5245
Mongo ANDREWS, Assistant Carpenter/Flyman, ext.5294
Alex HOCH, Assistant Electrician/Projectionist, ext. 5249
Jason TREUSCH, Chief Maintenance Engineer, ext. 5220
Mitchel NICHOLSON, Assistant Building Environmental Systems Operator, ext. 5220
Ingrid ARMBRUSTER, Operations & Events Coordinator
Dwayne PRICE, Operations & Events Supervisor, ext. 5258
Kris OZOLINS, Manager of Events Services & Front of House, ext. 5306
Sharon COOKE, Front of House Supervisor, ext. 5217
Dwayne BRYSHUN, Business Relations & Membership Manager, ext. 5251

Tonya BRANT, Marketing Coordinator, ext. 5241
William MUIR, Marketing Manager, ext. 5213