The Gipsy Kings

Featuring Nicolas Reyes and Tonino Baliardo

Main Theatre

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Opening this show will be Park88! Learn more about this exciting band in the 'Park 88 tab' above'

Melding deep-heated flamenco, rumba, salsa and pop to the tune of 20 million albums sold, the Grammy Award-winning hit-makers behind 'Bamboléo' celebrate in their very own, blistering tradition –taking audiences back to the south of France with flamenco guitars and booming Spanish vocals.

Uniting the family Reyes and the family Baliardo, the band continues a tradition that has drawn famous fans such as Picasso, Cocteau, Dali and Chaplin. From playing on the streets of Cannes and the hedonistic heights of St. Tropez, breaking world music barriers as one of the rare groups to climb the US and World music charts. Featured in the likes of The Big Lebowski, Toy Story 3 and Glee, the band has embraced western classics by Bob Marley, the Doobie Brothers and The Eagles with globe-hopping grace, whilst also incorporating dramatic cues from Brazilian and Caribbean culture.

Now bringing the party back to the United States this summer, The Gipsy Kings will raise the roof with dance-ready furor, returning to their groundbreaking eponymous album and the nomadic spirit that has led them to their latest work, Grammy Award-winning album Savor Flamenco and a new project Experience–giving audiences the 'deep shout at the heart of our community'.

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Based in Park City, Utah -- PARK88 is the musical marriage of award winning, gritty-voiced, piano player Rich Wyman and singer-songwriter-storyteller Lisa Needham. The duo’s musical harmonizing began early in their relationship. After hearing the couple sing for the first time, Rich’s mother pulled Rich aside and said “You’re going to marry her...I can hear it when you sign; your souls are intertwined.” They’ve been making music together ever since. Before forming their own musical identity, however, life intervened. The couple married and raised two sons while juggling individual, creative pursuits. Lisa earned the keys to the city as founder of the Park City Divas and put her New York City-trained method acting (and Emerson College BFA) to work, performing her acclaimed one-woman show. She also owned a yoga studio. Rich toured and recorded as a front man for various incarnations of the Rich Wyman Band.

Working as a solo artist, Rich’s music has topped international charts; he’s worked in the studio with Eddie Van Halen and shared the stage with artists including Alanis Morrisette, Goo Goo Dolls, and more. The sultry back-up vocals on a majority of his many albums belong to his wife, Lisa – a bewitching singer and accomplished actress in her own right. Rich was discovered by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Eddie Van Halen while he was visiting Park City. Van Halen brought the husky-voiced talent to his 5150 Studio in Los Angeles. Along with Andy Johns (Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones mixing-engineer) they spent several years working together making music. Taking the tracks Van Halen and Johns produced and adding new songs, Rich created his second album Fatherless Child.

When Fatherless Child debuted and climbed the charts in Europe, Rich signed to a Netherlands-based label and made a new record that had two TOP 40 hits in the label’s home country. His concert tours have included the U.S, Ireland, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium. He’s also played many festivals in Ireland and Holland including ParkPop in The Hague in front of more than 350,000 people.

With their children now grown, the couple decided to revisit the idea of bringing music and their marriage together. PARK88, a nod to their home and the exact number of piano keys - the two elements that brought them happiness - is ready to launch. Rich had this to say about creating PARK88. "Lisa is my best friend and soulmate, so it's a spiritual experience to create and perform music together and share it with other people. When we sing harmonies together, we’re having a musical conversation in the same way we’ve been communicating as partners. It feels magical; we’re excited to finally tour together.” Lisa is also happy to finally be working professionally with Rich after all these years. "I think that many married couples will relate to the feeling of rediscovery with your partner; it makes me realize how blessed we are. When Rich and I harmonize, we are actually painting a picture of who we are together.” Their harmonies will soothe and break your heart at the same time.


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