Important Information: Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt

From RBI Productions & Artists Management:  

Though Artist Representatives, Promoters and Venues have been working together for several weeks now to try and re-schedule dates for this tour, there has remained two severe stumbling blocks in allowing this to happen. It remains clear that ongoing limitations of necessary “social distancing” and the likelihood that forced 14 day quarantine regulations would be remaining in place by  both the Canadian and American governments for the foreseeable future.   

The reality is that until “social distancing” regulations are indeed relaxed, not more than about 35% of the ticketholders could be allowed into the venue, and none would be allowed to sit in the seats that they had purchased.  Artists crossing borders in the middle of a tour cannot afford to sit for 14 days before playing 3 shows on a tour, and then return to their native country and be forced to quarantine for another 14 days before resuming their tour.

Hence we all feel the necessity to Officially cancel the three dates in Ontario, and begin the refunding of tickets to all our valued ticket holders.  It is not right to continue holding their money when we cannot promise to give them a definite “re-scheduled date”.

We wish to add though that the Artists, Promoters and Venues remain committed to have these shows take place as soon as it can be arranged for a time when we know that there will be no restrictions in having the shows take place.

We all have had to make great adjustments in our lives of late, and none of it has come easily.   We hope that with the eventual announcement of these shows returning to these cities and venues, that we will be contributing to the “new normal”. 


From Centre In The Square: 

All refunds will be given to the original ticket purchaser.  

Tickets purchased using a credit card will be automatically refunded to the original card. If your credit card number has changed since you purchased your tickets or you have put a stop payment on your account, email by Tuesday May 5 at 4pm with your contact information.

For Ticket buyers who purchased their tickets using either cash or debit, we will be able to do refunds once our box office is open again.