Centre In The Square 2014-15 Season Opening Party Features Australia’s Strange Fruit

The Centre In The Square launches the 2014-15 season with a free family event for the KW region to experience a taste of the exciting programming The Centre has to offer. On Friday, September 12 and Saturday, September 13 the community is invited to The Centre’s Opening Party featuring free outdoor performances by the award-winning international phenomenon Australia’s Strange Fruit in their Centre debut.

Last year, CEO and director of programming Sandra Bender introduced the opening weekend as a free outdoor event to welcome the KW community to the facility, to provide greater access to the organization, and to profile unique and innovative contemporary work to the KW crowd. Last year’s inaugural event was hugely successful, boosting the CITS audience by 6,000 – which exceeded attendance expectations – and attracting an exuberant audience of all ages to the venue.

“The concept of what a performing arts centre is and what it should be is shifting in the public imagination,” said CEO Sandra Bender. “When I was hired the brief was very clear – find a means of engaging the broad community in the contemporary arts to make Centre In The Square relevant again. It’s a fine balance between what people refer to as “highbrow” and “popular” arts and entertainment – but finding the balance is essential to offer the best to this community and to engage this community through a broad, diverse programming model. Australia’s Strange Fruit not only brings the best to KW but it continues to expand The Centre’s offerings to broaden its relevance and engagement to the region we serve.”

In the last year, CITS has adopted an artistic vision and set of programming principles and priorities reflective of the organization’s place in the local, national and international arts communities. Part of this vision is to ensure that audiences have access to a balanced global cultural offering of diverse art forms, recognizing that contemporary work provides the critical link to the broader community.

Australia’s Strange Fruit
Based in Melbourne, Australia’s Strange Fruit is a celebrated touring company that performs atop fourteen-foot flexible poles, bending and swaying to impossible angles while combining elements of theatre, dance, and circus. Since it began in 1994, this ingenious company has created an extensive repertoire that appeals to all cultures and ages, and has thrilled audiences in 50 countries at over 450 international festivals. Recently, the company participated in the opening of the Paralympics in London with the UK-based multi-abled cast of performers. The company was first seen in North America in 2000 and since then has been in such demand that a US-based cast was formed in 2013. The company will present two different performances at the Opening Party: Swoon! and The Spheres.

More details for the Opening Party events will be announced at a later date.