Lay Back and Enjoy the Show

The Centre’s Opening Party – FREE OUTDOOR EVENT this Friday & Saturday evening. Catch a sneak peek of an aerial dance performers BANDALOOP rehearsing on the fly tower.

This weekend we’re very excited about our first-ever free outdoor event which will kick off the fall season! Plan to bring your yoga mats, picnic blankets and beach chairs to enjoy two evenings of live music by great Canadian musicians and the premiere of the aerial dance company, BANDALOOP in Kitchener.

BANDALOOP has been on site since Monday, preparing for this weekend’s event. They’ve been working closely with our crew to turn our fly tower into a vertical dance floor, rehearsing and helping us promote the weekend.

Check out this sneak peek of BANDALOOP rehearsing on the tower

The work that BANDALOOP is bringing to Kitchener is stunning, physically-impressive and highlights one of the most beautiful venues in North America. One particularly exciting aspect of BANDALOOP’s work is how it changes from one venue to the next. Each building impacts how the work will be performed and in the case of The Centre, BANDALOOP is quite excited about having reworked their finale to take advantage of two walls of the fly tower, an opportunity they tell us is not a common occurrence.

Over the two nights you will also be treated to a number of very talented musicians: Danny Michel, Jeremy Fisher, Cuff The Duke and Dinosaur Bones. Rain or shine, BANDALOOP will perform 4, eighteen minute works, off of the fly tower at The Centre. The shows have been scheduled at 6.30PM and 8.30PM to allow you to see their performance both in daylight and showcased again under lighting.

As we enter a new phase in the life of The Centre, we’ll continue to make every effort to open our doors to a broader community and provide opportunities for everyone in our region to engage with great contemporary artists and experience one of North America’s premiere performing arts venues. Join your neighbours and friends to celebrate with us on Friday from 6-10PM or Saturday from 5-10PM and experience the beginning of a new journey for The Centre.
Sandra Bender