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National Geographic Live 2017/18

Centre In The Square is thrilled to announce the return of the National Geographic Live Speaker Series. Browse through our digital brochure to discover the inspiring and educational presenters coming to us in 2017/18. Buy all four shows and not only do you save 15% off single ticket prices, we’ll give you a complimentary pair of tickets to the first show so you can share the experience with friends or family.

The 2017/18 Speaker Series will be comprised of four speakers:

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Win Tickets To See National Geographic Live

Win Tickets To See Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous With Nizar Ibrahim
Participate in our subscriber-exclusive contest and you could win a pair of tickets to Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous With Nizar Ibrahim on May 31.

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Announcing Classic Albums Live for 2017/18

Classics Album Live Announces Their New Season
CCR, Led Zeppelin, and Rush – note for note, cut for cut

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KWHYRDO Electric Thursdays: Journey & Supertramp

Jeans’n Classics Returns With Supertramp & Journey!
2 Bands, 2 Sounds, >4 Decades of Music, all in one night

Supertramp’s formed, with Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson, in 1969. And although it’s unfortunate that only dreamers can hope for a Supertramp reunion, there’s no doubt about this British band’s greatness: 11 albums over four decades, numerous Top 100 and Top 40 hits, and 60 million albums sold. From their progressive rock beginnings to their later commercial successes, Supertramp’s unique sound has stood the test of time.

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Whose Live Anyway

Ingenious Improvisers are Back!
What is it about these guys that makes them so funny?

Danger, disaster, and daring! No, this isn’t some fantastical feat of flight! It’s lanky-as-a-giraffe Ryan Stiles, “I’m not my brother Bill” Joel Murray, as-slick-as-his-hair Jeff B. Davis, and the funny curmudgeon Greg Proops!

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Edwins Final Bow

KWS Music Director Edwin Outwater’s Farewell Concert
10 years have gone fast – we’ve got a few highlights

When the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony welcomed Edwin Outwater in 2007, the community had no idea what they were in for: an innovative music director who always looked to the future of music while embracing the past.

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Riverdance is Back on Our Stage

Riverdance is Back on Our Stage On May 16 & 17
A show that broke conventions and wowed the world

An article in The Express begins thus: “In less than seven minutes they did something that had never happened before in its 1,000-year-long history: they made Irish dancing sexy.”

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A Real Life Indiana Jones

A Real Life Indiana Jones
National Geographic Emerging Explorer Nizar Ibrahim uncovers an almost forgotten dinosaur

In the blazing heat of the Sahara Desert, National Geographic Emerging Explorer Nizar Ibrahim found something that was almost lost to the sands of time: skeletal remains of Spinosaurus, the largest carnivorous dinosaur known to us.

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Steve Strongman: Finding Inspiration In Kitchener

Finding Inspiration in Kitchener
An exclusive interview with JUNO Award winner Steve Strongman

The very bluesy song, “Old School,” which is on Steve Strongman’s new release, No Time Like Now, opens with a reference to Kitchener: “I used to sneak in the back door, just to see how it’s done./I knew that if I want to find the truth, I had to go straight to the roots.”

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