Step into a realm of architectural brilliance and acoustic perfection at the Raffi Armenian Theatre and Centre In The Square. The tri-level seating of the Raffi Armenian Theatre, spanning 9,330 square meters, offers a continental design that elevates your theater experience.

Centre In The Square’s concert hall, with 2,047 permanent seats, is a marvel of innovation. Canada’s largest orchestra pit, towering proscenium arch, and moveable stage towers create an immersive stage for unparalleled performances.

The Centre’s acoustically perfect design includes a retractable concert ceiling, movable towers, and curved auditorium walls for optimal sound dispersion. Picture an orchestra cocooned in a movable acoustic shell, with dynamic banners and a tunable canopy enhancing the auditory journey.

At the core of this sonic symphony is a state-of-the-art sound system, ensuring that every note resonates with clarity and power. The Raffi Armenian Theatre and Centre In The Square are not just venues; they’re masterpieces, inviting you to witness performances where architectural ingenuity meets artistic brilliance.