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Born in Mozambique, but raised since she was a girl in one of the most emblematic and traditional neighbourhoods of Lisbon, Mouraria, Mariza was influenced from a very early age by the musical culture that inhabits every corner: Fado.
Inspired by the big names and the voices of unavoidable reference, it quickly became a local phenomenon and made her name echo across borders.
Heiress to the state of mind of the Portuguese people, Mariza rose to world heritage status, made the world her stage and seduced the most demanding audiences. Public recognition translates into over 30 platinum albums and the numerous national and international awards she has already collected.
Mariza transcends her own name, she is a latent memory of emotions, she is an ambassador in her own right of a country that continues to admire her, and proudly assumes her as part of us and that continues and will always continue to applaud every note, every song and every concert.
In recent years, Mariza’s internationalization has opened up new musical horizons, transforming her into one of the most complete and respected artists in the world.
In 2023, Mariza presents her new record work, the celebration of a career spanning more than two decades, winking at her future.

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