Announcement: January 25, 2023

ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to a power outage, Centre In The Square’s Box Office is currently closed. We will reopen tomorrow (January 26 ) at 10AM. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Tickets can still be purchased online at href=”[0]=AT0j9eRkMjweEy9Md6DHNl6SI8NEoCZbmaYBvhQpNCgh8OWllnLJg1JwmKQBjXbccdiYCxrMrdJTm2IgDeFUZNnd270GYPxLubwv12pphs9LBEIKW8dR-wI9LQL_ZIWhgj_PzEuv1Ygr0PaMThfJ-H3TpcRYdnbqdXnxG1daKlj3d3eCnG6UmFbb3hzZZgBPzoiZ-Lh9qrhjpw6qBVF9FelE_Strthlv2KvH4g” rel=”noreferrer noopener” target=”_blank”>

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Job Posting: Facilities Manager (Full-Time)

Position Overview:

The Centre In The Square is seeking a highly motivated individual with a strong understanding and commitment to safety to oversee facility maintenance operations, our preventive maintenance program, our facility equipment & systems and facility related infrastructure improvement projects

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