Show Info

We are excited about seeing you at our venue for Tom Segura! It’s going to be a fantastic show!
Below, we’ve put together some essential information to make your event as seamless as possible!


7:00PM Show:

Doors open @6PM with the show starting @7PM. This event is approximately 90 minutes without an intermission. To ensure a speedy exit after the performance, please exit through the doors on your right as the 9:30PM show will be entering the theatre from the left side doors. Please note, there will be heightened security screening for this performance. To avoid delays in entry, please arrive early. Thank you for your co-operation!  

9:30PM Show:

Doors open @8:45PM with the show scheduled to start @9:30PM (subject to change). This event is approximately 90 minutes without an intermission . Please note, there will be heightened security screening for this performance. To avoid delays in entry, please arrive early.

Please be kind/patient with fellow patrons and staff as we change over each show in quick succession.

Camera Policy:

Things will look a little different when you come to Centre In The Square.

Thanks to an Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP): Community, Culture and Recreation (CCR) Stream grant and the City of Kitchener, Centre In The Square has been given the opportunity to renovate and modernize our washrooms throughout the theatre. 

While we are excited to unveil these much needed upgrades, construction on these facilities will not be 100% completed before your event is scheduled to take place. In order for upcoming shows to take place, we’ve implemented certain requirements for patrons to safely occupy Centre In The Square and enjoy their event. We have installed temporary washroom facilities which have heat, electricity, running water, and constant cleaning similar to our own facilities.

We have completed washrooms in the following locations:

  • To the right of Guest Services (universal washroom).
  • Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery (all gender washrooms / universal washroom).
  • Located on our landing pad located just outside of the entry to the theatre are additional washrooms including barrier free washrooms (see below image).
  • Additional facilities may be completed in time for your event. Please ask an usher or Centre In The Square staff for assistance if needed. 

Below is a quick map of washroom locations:

This is not the standard that you know from Centre In The Square, and for that we apologize; however, it is the only option available to us without cancelling more shows. A safe environment for patrons, artists, and staff is important, and this wasn’t achievable in time for shows in September and early October. Regretfully, we were forced as a last resort to cancel shows that our patrons and ourselves were very excited to see live on our stage and in our community. With these temporary alternatives, we are very excited to reopen to the public again!

Parking: The City of Kitchener operates parking on the Otto Street side of the venue which is the closest place to park for shows. Parking is $10 (cash only). Parking attendants will be available to assist. The City Of Kitchener operates both indoor and outdoor surface parking facilities within Downtown Kitchener. Click HERE to see the Downtown Kitchener parking options.  

Mobile Tickets: Click HERE for information on mobile tickets and/or transferring tickets. Please add your mobile tickets to your Google/Apple Wallet prior to arriving to Centre In The Square for speedy entry into the venue.

In-Out Policy: Once a ticketed guest has been scanned into an event, there will be no in-and-out privileges from the Centre In The Square property and no re-entry will be permitted after exiting the property of Centre In The Square. This policy is in effect for all ticketed events. Guests with emergencies will be assisted by Centre In The Square staff at the front lobby Guest Services office.

Smoking Policy: There is no smoking or vaping permitted on Centre In The Square property. 

We are excited to see artists back on our stage, and patrons enjoying their performances. Enjoy the show!