Centre In The Square is a not-for-profit organization and a registered charity and has been home for over 40 years to world class arts and entertainment, welcoming patrons from Kitchener-Waterloo and all over the world since 1980. This special venue is a relaxed space where the community can gather together to enjoy a concert, Broadway show, graduation, dance recital and much more!

Centre In The Square works in the public interest as a presenter and arts enabler, playing a leading role in showcasing the best in local, national and international performers, with over 140 shows and concerts a year for the benefit of our entire region and beyond. Concerts, plays, lectures and comedy are but a few of the genres featured regularly throughout the year. And now you can showcase your commitment to the community by supporting Centre In The Square’s revitalization project: Seating Dedication.

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When you name a seat in support of Centre In The Square’s Revitalization Project, your gift ensures Centre In The Square can continue creating memorable experiences for every member of the community, allowing greater opportunities for more inclusivity and accessibility.

Your dedication will be engraved on a plaque installed on an armrest, leaving your mark of support for the value the arts brings to our community.

Scheduled for 2023 and 2024, upgrading seating will be the most prominent feature slated for replacement. Our plan is to replace the seats in the main hall and significantly increase accessible seating! This will significantly enhance the experience for patrons by improving sight-lines, providing ample space for wheelchairs, and bringing comfort back to the entire hall!

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Seating Options

Ready to make an impactful statement? Then branding a row of seats may be for you! Brand a row (or rows) of seats from $8000/row for Balcony seats to $30,000/row for Orchestra Front Row Seats, plus everything in between. Not ready to commit to a full row? We also offer half row options for your convenience.

Seating Row

Not ready to commit to branding a row of seats? We have the option to brand a single seat (first come first serve) for your convenience. We offer various price points that are flexible to meet your needs while still making a lasting impact. Options include front row seating, front orchestra seating, mid orchestra seating, mezzanine, and balcony seating. Ask us today about single seat dedication.

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Seating Tax Deductible

Even in difficult social and economic times, the arts are a fundamental part of a healthy community – creating culture, stimulating business, and inspiring minds. The arts brings us joy, helps us express our values, builds bridges with people, and improves individual well-being. There’s no denying that the arts makes our city infinitely more livable!

Together with your donation, we can improve the experience for everyone visiting Centre In The Square.

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